According to the brief entry on the Mapping Sculpture site, the sculptor was born in Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, the son of Charles K. Pibworth, a bootmaker. “Charles James studied at Bristol School of Art, Royal College of Art (c.1897 after winning a scholarship) and the Royal Academy Schools (c.1900).” Beattie's capsule biography adds that he won RA prizes in 1899, 1900, and 1903 and “worked frequently for Charles Holden during the first decade of the twentieth century (relief panels for Bristol Library; figures in window recesses at Law Society extension building, Chancery Lane; relief of Euterpe for facade of Orchestral Association, Archer Street, Westminster.)” (248). — George P. Landow.

Mercy Mercy

Sculpture in the round

Architectural Sculpture

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