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Sitting, Crouching, Kneeling, or Reclining Figures

Five seated nudes” by Aimé-Jules Dalou. Left: The Bather. Middle left: The Bather Surprised Middle: Bather before the bath. Middle right: Bather drying her right foot. Right: Seated Nude. [Click on these images for larger pictures.]

Left: Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal's Grief. Right two: Edward G. Bramwell's Hero Mourning over the Body of Leander

Left: Charles Bell Birch's A Wood Nymph. Middle left: Andrea Carlo Lucchesi's The Myrtle's Altar. Middle right: William Calder Marshall's Hebe. Right: Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal's "For she sitteth on a seat in the high places of the city".

Left: E. H. Baily's Eve listening. Middle left: Harry Bates's Pandora. Right: Margaret M. Giles's Hero

Left: Albert Toft's Spring. Middle left: Albert Toft's Hagar. Middle right: R. J. Wyatt's The Nymph Ino and the Infant Bacchus. Right: Benjamin Clemens's Andromeda

Left: Edith C. Maryon's The Triumph of Peace. Middle: Albert Toft's Antigone. Right: Benjamin Clemens's Eurydice

Left: Edith C. Maryon's The Triumph of Peace. Middle left: Johan Keller's Loreley [sic]. Middle right: J. Wenlock Rollins's A Sea Maiden. Right: Harold Parker's The long, long Dreams of Youth

Left: J. L. Franklin's Circe. Right: John Holmes's Vanity Right: Paukl Montford's Water-Nymph.

Left: Harold Parke's Ariadne. Middle: Henry A. Pegram's Fortune. Right: Akbert Toft's Contemplation.

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