[Based on the "Chronological Summary" from C. H. Spurgeon: The Early Years, 1834-1859. "A revised edition originally compiled by Susannah Spurgeon and Jopseph Harrald. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1962.]

1834 Born June 19 at Kelvedon, Essex
1835 When parents move to Colchester, CHS resides with grandparents at Stambourne.

Returns home to Colchester.
1848 Goes to St. Augustine's College, Maidstone.
1849 Becomes pupil-assistant at Newmarket, Cambridgeshire; delivers first public speech at missionary meeting.
1850 Converts to Methodism at Colchester and baptized at Isleham Village, Cambridgeshire. Begins preaching at Teversham.
1851 Becomes pastor of Waterbeach Baptist Chapel.
1853 Publication of Waterbeach Tracts. Preached first sermon at New Park Street Chapel in London.
1854 Accepts pastorate of New Park Street Chapel, London.
1855 Publication of New Park Streek Pulpit containing his sermons begins. Earliest attack in the Press appears. First preaches at Exeter Hall, London. First visit to Scotland.
1856 Marries Susannah Thompson (January 8). Metropolitan Tabernacle Building Committee formed. Twin sons, Thomas and Charles, born on September 20. Surrey Gardens Music Hall disaster (October 19). Recommences services in Music Hall (November 23)
1857 Pastors' College founded. Preaches at the Crystal Palace.
1858 First visit to Ireland.
1859 Foundation stone of Metropolitan Tabernacle laid. Last service in Surrey Gardens Music Hall (December 11).
1861 Preached controversial sermon on "Baptismal Regeneration."
1867 Boys' part of Stockwell Orphanage opens.
1879 Girls' side of Stockwell Orphanage opens.
1887 First "Down Grade" paper published in The Sword and the Trowel in August; withdraws from Baptist Union over "Down Grade" controversy in October
1891 Preaches last sermon in the Metropolitan Tabernacle on June 7.
1892 Dies on January 31 and is buried at Norwood Cemetery on February 11.

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