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The Christian Keepsake and Missionary Annual. [Brown U. Hay Harris Collection CH846; 845; 843: 1834-1839 (?)]

Its mission: "the promotion of piety among its readers, and the diffusion of authentic information respecting the progress and effects of Christianity in different quarters of the world." A conglomeration of travel narrative, inspired poetry, biography of religious figures, and xenophobic imperialist protest against the audacity of the heathens resisting the colonial obliteration of their culture. [Carrie Watterson MA '97, Brown University]

The Christian Observer and Advocate. [Brown U. Hay Star APC464: 1802-1877]

Anti-Evangelical stance: great anxiety over the abuses of sacrament and scripture by the great unwashed. Each issue divided into sections: Religious Commentary-on pressing issues of the day; Miscellany-announcements of interest to the upper classes; Religious Intelligence, Literary and Philosophical Intelligence, Public Affairs-reportage on developments in religion, scientific discoveries, books published and international news, shockingly devoid of commentary or overarching bias (at least by today's standards). [Carrie Watterson MA '97, Brown University]

The Christian Remembrancer. [Brown U. Rock microfilm F E7 769-781: 1841-1868]

Church Quarterly Review. [Brown U. Rock BR1.C685: 1875-1968]

Clergy List. [Brown U. Rock BX 5031.C5: 1845, 1848, 1870]

Folklore. [Brown U. Rock GR1.F58 1890- (1-size after 1994)

Anthropological study of myth, ritual and religion (pre-Protestant, of course). Subjects (pre-1900) range among Northern European fairy and folk tales and superstitions; "primitive" rituals and customs of colonial territories; Catholic rituals and hagiography and its ties to paganism; shoe-throwing at weddings; the evil eye; the superstitious properties of teeth; and (my personal favorite) "lesbian superstition about chickens." [Carrie Watterson MA '97, Brown University]

The Penny Pulpit.

The Pulpit.

span class="book">The Union List of Victorian Serials. [Z6956.G6.F85 1985] This massive list of Victorian periodicals traces changes in titles and library holdings throughout the United States and Canada. Its only shortcoming is a lack of description of each periodical's general subject. [Carrie Watterson MA '97, Brown University]

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