Isabella Grace and Clementina Maude. Photographer: Clementina Fleeming, Lady Hawarden. c. 1863-64. Albumen print. Courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, No. 373-1947. © Victoria and Albert Museum. Click on image to enlarge it.

Once again Hawarden achieves doubling and contrast in this photograph of her daughters: one standing and the other reclining, one draped in striped fabric that is sharply juxtaposed to two other fabrics and the other what appears to be monochrome undress and emphasizing her daughter's legs. If this was one of the photographs she exhibited and for which she was awarded a silver medal, it would seem to be both unusual and daring for the period. Since the sitting girl wears a tiara and has her eyes closed, is she supposed to be Sleeping beauty? — George P. Landow

Last modified 30 September 2020