I always want to paint more than reality, more than you can see for real. I want to add something to it. I am particularly interested in faces of humans and animals: the innocence of the faces of children, the character behind the faces of grown-ups, the amusing expression in the variety of dogfaces. Although my paintings are sometimes the product of unhappy life events, I will translate them in joyful images. Who wants to see something depressing on the wall?

The most recent paintings I made are inspired by the Lewis Carroll tale,s and I made them initially for children. Nothing scary: I made the monster Jabberwocky look like a puppy. I never really understood why people always want an explanation of my work: I gave away my feelings already and explaining it with words sounds so silly. Besides, I don' t mind if someone sees a different idea from mine in what I paint. That happens a lot and I am intrigued by that. I never lack of inspiration: I have the next 5 paintings in my head. As an art teacher, I have the opportunity to invent new tasks for my students  every year, and in that way I can always be creative. Good remarks on my work make me so happy and give me the force to go on, but that will be the case for every painter I suppose.

Contact information

phone : 014/265636
e-mail : annevansweevelt@hotmail.com

Last modified 26 January 2009