Atlas and the Hesperides

Atlas and the Hesperides. John Singer Sargent. 1922-24. Oil on canvas. (Diameter 120 inches). Courtesy of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. (25.643). Installed in Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Colonnade (Gallery 204B). Commissioned by the MFA in 1921 for $40,000 (for 25.636-25.651) and installed on ceiling side aisle, Huntington Avenue stairway, 1925. Francis Bartlett Donation of 1912 and Picture Fund, Click on image to enlarge it. — George P. Landow]

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Note that the MFA site also includes the following charcoal and pencil sketches for the kneeling figure of Atlas: 28.670 and 671. Sketches of the sleeping women (the Hesperides) are 38.672-76.

Last modified 5 June 2016