Falls of the Carron, Glenalvie

Sir Edward John Poynter Bt PRA RWS (1839-1919)

Before 1917


Source: The Studio 72 (October 1917): 91

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"The Falls of the Carron, Glenalvie, a memory of Sir Edward's holidays in Scotland, presents a different subject, suggesting hurry and movement, and the noise of falling water as it tumbles from its rocky height. As a colour-scheme it is convincing; one feels the weight of the water, the deep tones of which are relieved by the toam-crested currents seen dispersing as it mingles with the river. The rugged character and greyness of the rocks form an excellent contrast to the mass of Scotch firs outlined against the sky" (94).

Formatting and caption by George P. Landow.