Click on pictures to obtain larger images; not all images have links to larger versions. Some images in this web document came from the painted reproductions of the Victorian and early-modern works by Tuscany Fine Arts (UK) and not from the original canvases. I would like to thank Damian Qualter of Tuscany Fine Arts for, at that time, generously sharing his firm's work with readers of the Victorian Web. [GPL]

Classical Subjects: Subjects from Classical Myth or Set in Classical Times

(Left) Ariadne. 1898. (Middle) Danïades. 1906. (Right) Echo and Narcissus. 1903.

Hylas and the Nymphs

(Left) Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus. 1900. (Middle left) Hylas and the Nymphs. 1896. (Middle right) Psyche. 1903. (Right) Diogenes. 1882.

Homeric Subjects

(Left) Ulysses and the Sirens. 1891. (Middle) Circes Offering the Cup to Ulysses. 1892. (Right) Penelope and the Suitors. 1912.

Subjects Set in Roman Times

(Left) Mariamne Leaving the Judgement Seat of Herod. 1887. (Middle) After the Dance. 1876. (Right) St. Eulalia. 1885.

Medieval Subjects

(Left) A Mermaid. 1901. (Middle left) St. Ceilia. 1895. (Middle right) Fair Rosamund. 1917. (Right) The Shrine. 1895.

(Left) A "I am Half Sick of Shadows," said the Lady of Shalott. 1915. (Middle) Lady of Shalott. 1888. (Right) Ophelia. 1894.

Allegorical Subjects

(Left) Destiny. 1900. (Middle) Sleep and His Half-Brother. 1874. (Right) Windflowers. 1903.

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