Oedipus and the Sphinx

Oedipus and the Sphinx

J. D. Ingres


Oil on canvas

Other representations of the sphinx

  • The Sphinx by Herbert Cole
  • Sphinx and Dolphins, The Scottish Provident Institution, Belfast
  • The Sphinx by Franz von Stuck
  • The Kiss of the Sphinx by Franz von Stuck
  • "Came the whisper, came the Vision" by W. Heath Robinson (from Song of the English)
  • The Sphinx and the Gods by Raoul du Gardier
  • After Joséphin Péladan, The Supreme Vice by Fernand Khnopff
  • How Time Etches Our Wrinkles by Františec Bilek
  • Sphinx by Valère Bernard
  • The Chimera's Despair by Alexandre Séon
  • Sphinx [Cleopatra] by Františec Drtikols