National Institution of Fine Arts at the Portland Gallery

1850 Twelfth Night

1851 The Banishment of Hamlet

Royal Academy of Arts

1847 Reposing After the Ball, no. 163

1848 Margaret in Prison Visited by Faust, no. 601

1853 Miss Margaretta and Miss Jessie Bird, no. 73

The Marriage of Orlando and Rosalind, no. 1244

The British Institution

1853 The Pet Parrot. A sketch, no. 568.

The Society of British Artists

1853 The Pet Parrot, no. 567

Eustatia, no. 578

The Liverpool Fine Arts Academy

1853 The Pet

The Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin

1853 Twelfth Night

The North of England Society for the Promotion of the Fine Arts, Newcastle

1852 The Pet Parrot. A sketch

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