Elizabeth Clark (c. 1857-1953)

James Clark (1858-1943)


Oil on canvas

88 x 64 cm

Courtesy of Hartlepool Museums and Heritage Service

Of the many family portraits that Clark painted, this may be most people's favourite. Clark has illuminated the warm tints of his wife's face by the fine but extravagantly ruffed-out bow of her white neckerchief, almost transparent as its ends spread out over her dark costume. The small white adornment in her hair, and the four little white buttons below the bow, also relieve the darker shades. Charlotte Taylor tells us that the couple had been childhood sweethearts, and had been married in 1882. His wife of eighteen years looks very relaxed, slightly pensive. How does her husband see her now? — Jacqueline Banerjee. [Click on the picture to enlarge it, and mouse over the text for links.]