Royal Academy

1842 The Arran Fisherman’s Drowned Child, no. 786

A Connaught toilet – Connemara girls on their way to market, no. 897

1849 Miss Helen Faucit, no. 888

Miss Helen Faucit - a sketch, no. 909

Portrait of a Lady, no. 959

1850 Evening; a portrait, no. 1058

1867 The author of “Adam Bede.” [Portrait of George Eliot] , no. 735

1874Mrs. George Smith, no. 869.

Society of Painters in Water Colours (Old Water Colour Society)

1855 Franconian Peasantry [Pilgrims] in the Cathedral of Bamberg, no. 181

Peasantry of Upper Franconia waiting for Confession, no. 239

1856 A Tale – Beggars of Ober Franken, no. 222

1857 Faust’s first Sight of Margaret [Marguerite] , no. 130

1859 In St Eucharius Chapel, Nuremberg, no. 75

Morning Study near Starnberg, Upper Bavaria – drawing, no. 60

The Widow of Wöhlm, no. 128

German Apple Girl, Recht schöne Aepfel, gnädiger Herr? no. 266

Tyrolese Boys trapping Birds, no. 282

1860 A Pair of Ducks, no. 215

Am Schutzpatronentage; in der Procession [Child in a Procession] , no. 228

1861 A.D. 1660. The Old Ironside, no. 275

1862 The Wife of Hassan Aga, no. 280

A German Interior, no. 312

Yelitza, no. 320

1862 (First Winter Exhibition) – Sketches and studies by members

Sketch from life, Tyrol, no. 2

Vista of side chapels in the church at Göffweinstein, no. 56

Preparatory study of drapery, no. 124

Preparatory study of drapery, no. 134

The Eucharius Kapelle, Nuremberg, no. 182

Statue of St Stephen, King of Hungary, in Bamberg cathedral, a work of the 13th century, no. 211

Study of a young girl of Oberfranken, no. 250

Preparatory studies of drapery, no. 316

Study from a dead giraffe, no. 326

Preparatory studies of drapery, no. 335

Unfinished study from freshly pulled maize, no. 388

Head, study in chalk, no. 389

Pine wood, lower Innthal, no. 390

Unfinished study, no. 403

‘Divina Commedia’ Canto ii. Beatrice and Virgil. Design made several years ago for a Friend, no. 408

The Disputation of the Body and the Soul. Design made for Friend who had translated an ancient Scottish Poem on the subject, no. 412

In the Wienfenthal, Oberfranken, no. 415

Study of a stump of pine, Innthal, no. 420

Preparatory study of Drapery – Headkerchief of Oberfranken, no. 422

1863 German Lilacs, no. 234

Dreams [Daydreams] . One of a Series of Drawing presented to Edwin W. Field, Esq., by the Members of the Society of Painters in Water Colours, no. 239

Iostephane, no. 273

1863-64 (Second Winter Exhibition)

And the driving is like the driving of Jehu, the son of Nimthi. “And Jehoram said, Is it peace, And Jehoram turned and fled. And Jehu filled his hand with a bow, and smote Jehoram between the arms, and the arrow went out at his heart, and he sank down in his chariot” – 2 Kings, ix. no. 172

Rough sketch for Tyrolese Bird Trappers, no. 181

A study: a Child’s head – early need, no. 302

Pocket book jottings. Sybil from Bamberg – Escucheon from Nuremburg, no. 338

Design for a massive Golden Fibula; presented at Dublin to Miss Helen Faucit on occasion of her performance in “Antigone”, no. 355

Sketches of a child’s profile, no. 357

Pocket book jottings. A landscape, no. 380

1864 Hellelil and Hildebrand. The Meeting on the Turret Stairs; suggested by a Norse Ballad, no. 82

L’Ecuyer [The Knight’s Esquire], no. 297

The Child Miranda. “The isle is full of noises, Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight, and hurt not.” – Tempest, no. 339

1864-65 (Third Winter Exhibition)

At Schwatz, in the Inn Valley, no. 14

A study in chalk, no. 22

In the church in Rothenburg, no. 98

Memorandum, no. 114

Castle-Gate in Oberfranken, no. 218

Various studies, no. 287

Flowers, no. 419

Study in chalk, no. 441

1865 La Marchesa, no. 27

Clematis, no. 247

1866 A Study, no. 147

1866-67 (Fifth Winter Exhibition)

A Study, no. 212

A Study, no. 395

1867 Weary, no. 139

Shireen [an oriental woman], no. 223

1867-68 Sixth Winter Exhibition

A Study, no. 199

Study from life, no. 368

1869 Cassandra Fedele “Elle était devenue pour les Vénitiens une espéce de Muse nationale,” no. 20

Dudley Gallery, Watercolour exhibitions

1871 La Romania, no. 172

1873 A Portrait, no 283

Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition

1857 Helen Faucit, no. 439

Beggars at Ober Franken, no. 443

Peasants of Upper Franconia waiting for Confession, no. 444

London International Exhibition, South Kensington

1862 A Remnant of the Ironsides, no. 1069

Faust’s first Sight of Marguerite, no. 1185.

The Widow of Wöhlm – Costume of Upper Franconia, no. 1211

Italian Fruit-Girl, no. 1286

Interior of Bamberg Cathedral, no. 1371

Dublin International Exhibition

1865 Study – The Bride of Corinth, no. 7

The Widow of Wöhlm, no. 26

Hellelil and Hildebrand. The Meeting on the Turret Stairs, no. 56

The Old Ironside, no. 94

Iostephane, no. 97

A Flower, no. 98

Yelitza, no. 108

National Exhibition of Works of Art, Leeds

1868 Religious Ceremony in the Cathedral of Bamberg in Bavaria, no. 2079

Repose [Weary] , no. 2337

Shireen, no. 2339

Iostephane, no. 2344

Grosvenor Gallery

1877 Mrs. George Smith, no. 57

1878 (Winter Exhibition of Drawings by the Old Masters and Water-colour Drawings)

Iostephane, no. 907

Hellelil and Hildebrand. The Meeting on the Turret Stairs, no. 908

A Flower, no. 909

The Widow of Woehlm [Wöhlm] , no. 910

1882 Portrait of the late George Eliot, no. 237

Manchester, Royal Jubilee Exhibition

1887 The Squire [L’Ecuyer] , no. 961

Peasants of Upper Franconia Waiting for Confession, no. 1318

Shireen, no.1430

Irish International Exhibition

1907 A Corn Field, no. 306

Portrait of Mrs. Hutton, no. 309

Iostephane, no. 310

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