1833 Born August 28, at 11 Bennett's Hill, Birmingham to Edward Richard Jones; mother dies shortly after Edward's birth.
1844-52 attends King Edward's School, Birmingham
1853 Exeter College, Oxford; meets William Morris
1854 Encounters first Pre-Raphaelite pictures: Millais's Return of the Dove to the Ark and Hunt's Light of the World.
1855 First sees Dante Gabriel Rossetti's work; tours Northern France with Morris; decided to become a painter; discovers Malory's Morte d'Arthur; Oxford and Cambridge Magazine
1856 Meets Ruskin and Rossetti; studies with Rossetti and takes life classes; lives with Morris in London.
1857 Paints mural at Oxford Union
1858 Spends summer at Little Holland House; exhibits at Hogarth Club; Knightly farewell; Sir Galahad
1859 First visits Italy; teaches at Working Man's College (along with Ruskin and Rossetti)
1860 Marries Georgiana Macdonald, 9 June; Tree of Jesse
1861 Co-founder Morris, Faulkner & Company; moves to 62 Great Russell Street; son Philip born (October)
1862 B-J and wife accompany Ruskin to Italy (May-July); stained-glass designs: Adam, Flight into Eygpt; King Sigurd (engraving)
1863 Elected Associate, Old Watercolour Society; Summer Snow (engraving); Nativity Triptych (1862-63), The Merciful Knight
1864 Green Summer
1866 Daughter Margaret born; The Lament
1867 Moves to The Grange, Fulham (November)
1868 St George and the Dragon; begins Pygmalion Series
1870 Resigns Old Watercolour Society; Phyllis and Demophoön; working on The Garden of the Hesperides first Briarose series; Love among the Ruins
1871 Third visit to Italy (September); Sleeping Beauty
1873 Last visit to Italy
1875 Morris, Faulkner & Company dissolved
1877 Causes sensation with first Grosvenor Gallery exhibition
1878 Visits Paris; Beguiling of Merlin shown at Exposition Universelle; testifies on behalf of Ruskin in Whistler vs. Ruskin.
1881 Receives honorarary degree D. C. L. from Oxford.
1882 The Hours, Portrait of Katie Lewis
1883 Honorary Fellow, Exeter College, Oxford (with Morris); Ruskin lectures on his work at Oxford (May)
1885 President, Birmingham Society of Artists; reluctantly accepts Associateship of Royal Academy; Flora Tapesty
1886 Exibits at RA first and last time
1887 Withdraws from Grosvenor Gallery
1888 Begins to exhibit at New Gallery, Regent Street
1889 King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid shown at Exposition Universelle; receives French Cross of the Legion of Honor
1890 Briarose series exhibited Agnews.
1891 Wheel of Fortune exhibited Paris.
1892 Collected works exhibited New Gallery Winter Exhibitions.
1893 Resigns from Royal Academy
1894 The Fall of Lucifer; accepts baronetcy
1896 Morris dies
1898 Dies June 16


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