Tamara S. Wagner is the author of The Victorian Baby in Print: Infancy, Infant Care, and Nineteenth-Century Popular Culture (2020), Victorian Narratives of Failed Emigration: Settlers, Returnees, and Nineteenth-Century Literature in English (2016), Financial Speculation in Victorian Fiction (2010), and Longing: Narratives of Nostalgia in the British Novel, 1740-1890 (2004). She has also edited collections on Domestic Fiction in Colonial Australia and New Zealand (2014), Victorian Settler Narratives (2011), and Antifeminism and the Victorian Novel: Rereading Nineteenth-Century Women Writers (2009). Her research has also appeared in several academic journals and collections of essays.

Wagner received her PhD from Cambridge University. In 2002 she served as a postdoctoral fellow to work on the Victorian Web. Wagner is now Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, where she teaches Victorian literature.

Created 19 November 2002

Last modified 28 September 2021