Tamara Silvia Wagner

Tamara S. Wagner completed her Ph.D. at the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge in June 2002, served as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore, and she currently teaches at a university in Singapore. She has published articles on nineteenth-century literature and culture as well as on postcolonial fiction. Her Ph.D. thesis on nostalgia in the British novel served as the basis for her recently published book, Longing: Narratives of Nostalgia in the British Novel, 1740-1890.

Wagner's research interests include eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature and culture, postcolonial studies, and the historical novel. Her latest project is a study of the postcolonial historical novel with its main focus on the representation of Singapore and Malaysia in fiction. A book chapter on nineteenth- and twentieth-century sequels to Jane Austen’s novels is forthcoming.

As a Fellow of the University Scholars Programme at the National University of Singapore, Tamara S. Wagner has contributed both to the Victorian and the Postcolonial Web.

Tamara S. Wagner may be contacted via email: T.S.Wagner.99@cantab.net

Her website: http://uk.photos.yahoo.com/sensation_novelist

Last modified 19 November 2002