Graham Law

Graham Law hails from the northwest of England, and graduated in English from Exeter University before completing his doctorate in Comparative Literature at the University of Sussex. He began his full-time academic career in 1981 in Japan, where he has lived and worked ever since. From 1992 he taught Media History at Waseda University, Tokyo, though he is now retired and a Professor Emeritus. He has written extensively on Victorian literary and publishing history, focusing in particular on serial publication in magazines and newspapers. His major monographs are: Serializing Fiction in the Victorian Press (2000) and The Periodical Press Revolution (2024), while his editorial work includes volumes on the correspondence of Wilkie Collins, the journalism of E.S. Dallas, and many works of Victorian popular fiction, including David Pae's Lucy, the Factory Girl.

Graham can be contacted via his Waseda University website (, which also provides fuller details concerning his academic career and publications.

Created 1 February 2024