[These materials on the case of Lt. Kennedy were adapted by GPL, with permission of the author, from the latter's course website, which is no longer available online.]

Examination of Lieutenant Kennedy taken by Major Taylor, in the presence of Brevet Major E. H. Simpson and Captain Blair.

(True Extract.)

G.A. Leekie, Captain
Acting Assistant Adjudant General.
Camp Neemuch, 17th May, 1860.

Question.- 1. When did you reach Ahmedabad, how long did you remain there, and where did you reside? Did you duly report yourself en route to join your Regiment?

Answer.- I have a memo, I must refer to. I quite forget. I resided in the Traveller's Bungalow. I reported my arrival, but not my departure.

Question.- 2. What was your object in going to Ahmedabad?

Answer.-Because it was on the route.

Question.- 3. Did you report your arrival at Khanwarrah? How long did you remain there? And where did you live?

Answer.- I require to consult my memo. I lived in a vacant Bungalow placed at my disposal by the Adjudant of the Bheel Corps.

Question.- 4. Since you quitted Bombay, have you been in the habit of, or have you at any time departed from the European costume or worn a foreign or native one ?

Answer.- No.

Question.- 5. Did you when at Khanwaarah in any way feed or bestow any present, or permit of any such being presented to any Fakirs?

Answer.- No, never.

Question.- 6. Did you in any way recognize or conform to the Musselman religion or observe any of their customs whilst there?

Answer.- No, never.

Question.- 7. Have you a native woman under your protection, and did you bring her from Ahmedabad?

Answer.- I am married to a native woman.

Question.- 8. Does this woman reside with you?

Answer.- My wife resides with me in my Bungalow. She is with me now. I object to the term "woman".

Question.- 9. Is this marriage registered?

Answer.- It is not registered.

Question.- 10. Under what form, where and when did you contract the marriage?

Answer.- I was married in the Mahomedan form at Rajeote in 1851, in consequence of an objection on my wife's side. I was necessitated to be married in the form I have described.

Question.- 11. Is this marriage reported to the Military Fund Secretary?

Answer.- It is not known to the Military Fund.

Question.- 12. During your period of Furlough, did you visit Damascus, once or twice? How long did you remain there, and in what family did you reside?

Answer.- I resided there twice for a period of about six months in all, in reference to the latter part of the question, I decline committing myself.

Question.- 13. What dress or costume did you assume whilst at Damascus?

Answer.- A native costume.

Question.- 14. Did you reside in the same house the whole time?

Answer.- No.

Question. 15. When the Ramzan took place, were you there?

Answer.- Yes.

Question.- 16. What induced you to change your residence?

Answer.- It is a question I decline answering.

(Lieutenant Kennedy here protests again being questioned on a matter which had been formerly investigated and settled by His Lordship in Council. He is informed that the Commanding Officer is now acting under the authority of the Commander-in- Chief in a letter received yesterday, copy of which will supplied to Lieutenant Kennedy, before this examination closes).

Question.- 18. Did you contract any kind of marriage according to the Mussulman or Hindoo form of this country or that of Syria, whilst at Damascus, or did you in any way give rise to the report of such contract by your conduct and style of life?

Answer. I decline to answer.

Question.- 19. Did you ever observe any of the Heathen forms of worship or customs, or enter any places for prayer?

Answer. I wish to know what you call "Heathen". (He is informed that anything contrary to "Christianity" is "Heathen".)

Lieutenant Kennedy then answers.- I passed as a Mohammedan whilst there. I often entered places of worship.

Question.- 20. Did you ever among your native friends or acquaintances, criticise or speak disparagingly of Lieutenant Kennedy the British Government in respect to the events connected with the mutiny in India?

Answer. Never.

Question.- 21. When you last quitted Damascus did you come direct to India without visiting Baghdad and how did you reach Aden?

Answer. Yes, via Alexandria and Suez.

Question.- 22. Who was the Consul at Damascus whilst you were there?

Answer. I forget his name.

Question.- 23. How often did you see him?

Answer. I saw him twice.

Question.- 24. In the case of reports injurious to your character being circulated in Damascus, would he have been cognisant of such?

Answer. I am not aware.

Question.- 25. Were you aware of any such reports being made against you whilst at Damascus?

Answer. No.

Question.-26. Would you call upon the Consul for a certificate of your mode of life whilst at Damascus, and would he from his official position be able to speak with certainty as to such?

Answer.- I do not see the necessity for so doing. I am not aware.

(Lieutenant Kennedy is here given an opportunity of reconsidering the questions he has declined to answer, he has also handed to him certified copies of a letter from the Secretary of State for India to the Governor in Council, Bombay. No. 28 of 1860 with a letter from the Counsil at Damascus, dated 26th December 1859, and a copy of a letter from the Adjudant General of the Army, ordering an investigation into the matter therein contained, and he is desired to make his reply thereto officially.)

J.M. TAYLOR, Major
Commanding 2nd Light Cavalry.

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