[These materials on the case of Lt. Kennedy were adapted by GPL, with permission of the author, from the latter's course website, which is no longer available online.]

Lt. R. C. Kennedy to Col. E. Green, Adjudant General of the Army

Sir --

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your official letter of the 16th inst, No. 366, requesting me to report under what class I was a passenger in the steamer Emea which arrived here on the 15th December last, and in reply respectfully beg to state for the information of his Excellency the Commander-in-Chief.

That I embarked on board the above-mentioned steamer at Aden in the character of a Turk, as deck passenger, having been actually driven to do so through pecuniary difficulties; but I beg to submit the peculiar circumstances under which I was unfortunately placed, and which led to my adopting a course which, from the severe discomforts and privatious attending it, would have necessarily prevented recourse there to, unless actual necessity had compelled it.

That shortly before the expiration of my furlough in England, the sudden decease of my father threw my mother into the most necessitious condition, and being obliged to leave England before I had been able to effect any arrangement for her future support and maintenance, I felt it imperatively incumbent upon me to assist her for the time to the very utmost of my power; and having received a sum of L83 from the Military fund towards my passage money to Bombay, I left with my mother the greater portion of that sum and all the money that I could absolutely spare, and determined from my knowledge of the Continental and Oriental languages and customs to reach Bombay in the most inexpensive mode possible.

That at Suez I was informed by the Consul Resident there that the fixed rates of P. and O. Steam Navigation Company could not be altered to meet my case, and not being in possession of sufficient funds, I was in consequence obliged, though entirely contrary to my intention and desire, and with the Counsel's knowledge, to embark in the character of a Turk as a deck passenger.

I humbly submit the above circumstances for the kind attention of the Commander-in-Chief, and sincerely trust his Excellency will look considerately upon the course I pursued which enabled me to reach Bombay for one-third of the ordinary expense, and was entirely actuated and necessitated through a filial duty and honourable. — I have the honor to remain, Sir, your most obedient servant,

R.C.KENNEDY, Lieutenant
2nd Light Cavalry.

Bombay, 5th February 1860.

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