1600  The East India Company (EIC) is formed, 1600. 
1615  The company acquires its first territory in Bombay. 
1748  Anglo-French War In India. 
1757  War of Plassey. 
1792  The EIC defeats the Marathas and Tippu Sultan of Mysore. 
1806 10 July: Mutiny at Vellore
1857  Mutiny of the Indian Army at Barrackpore. 
The Rebellion becomes a War of Independence 
First Indian War of Independence. 
1858  Bahadur Shah Zafar, the Last Mogul, is proclaimed as Emperor. 
The Mutiny is crushed and the Last Mogul Emperor is disposed. 
The Revolt is crushed ruthlessly. 
End of the EIC's rule in India. 
End of Mogul rule in India. 
British Crown takes over India, beginning of the Raj
1869  Mahatma Gandhi born in Porbandar, Gujarat (Oct 2) 
1877  Queen Victoria becomes the Empress of India. 
1885  Indian National Congress is formed. 
1897  Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. 
1914  The Great War breaks out in Europe. 
1919  Jalianwala Bagh Massacre. 
Parliament passes the Rowlatt Acts. 
1939  World War II breaks out with Germany's invasion of Poland. 
1947  India and Pakistan become self-governing. 

Statue in New Delhi by Devi Prasad Roy Choudhury (1899-1975), commemorating Mahatma Gandhi's famous Salt March of 1930, against British salt taxes (photograph by JB).

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