Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (1865-1953)

Before 1906

Source: The Studio, p. 150

“If M. Levy-Dhurmer paints a native of Morocco, of Italy, or of Holland, he is so impressed with the climatic influences on the nature of the indi- vidual that the work becomes enveloped with the characteristics of the country. This is exemplified in the children's heads in his pastel drawing, Jeunes Tunisiens. It is not the colouring of the laughing, mischievous little faces, with their tufts of black, frizzy hair upon their little round heads, that makes them Tunisian, but an indefinable something in the work itself, that leaves no doubt as to the country in which they were born. Aïcha is also a native of Tunis, and her eyes with their brilliant blackness tell their own tale. ” — Frances Keyzer

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