4-wheel old-time caboose

This 4-wheel old-time caboose seemed the natural one to place at the end of Albion, Pawtuxet, and Galilee trains, such as we see here tagging along at behind a Colorado Midland livestock car and a Wilson certified meat reefer. I don't recall where I found the model on which I based it, but I do recall sanding down the main roof and that of the cupola and cementing on a striated wooden roof. I believe I also replaced the wheel-sets, so it would roll on code 70 Shinohara track.

One of the more unorthodox, un-prototypical features on this 4-wheeler appears in the couplers: one end has Kadee knucklers, so the caboose can connect to modern cars, and th eother has a link-and-pin coupler, so it can attatch to the old-timer cars in the AP&G stable.

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