Conception of Cover Design by Paul Delany


Part I. Introduction

Hypertext, Hypermedia and Literary Studies: The State of the Art. George P. Landow and Paul Delany 3

Part II. Theory

Reading and Writing the Electronic Book. Nicole Yankelovich, Norman Meyrowitz and Andries van Dam 53
The Rhetoric of Hypermedia: Some Rules for Authors George P. Landow 81
Topographic Writing: Hypertext and the E]ectronic Writing Space. Jay David Bolter 105
Reading From the Map: Metonymy and Metaphor in the Fiction of "Forking Paths.'" Stuart Moulthrop 119
From Electronic Books to Electronic Libraries: Revisiting "Reading and Writing the Electronic Book." Nicole Yankelovich 133
Poem Descending a Staircase: Hypertext and the Simultaneity of Experience. William Dickey 143
Reading Hypertext: Order and Coherence in a New Medium. John Slatin 153
Threnody: Psychoanalytic Digressions on the Subject of Hypertexts. Terence Harpold 171

Part III. Applications

Biblical Studies and Hypertext Steven J. DeRose. 185
Ancient Materials, Modern Media: Shaping the Study of Classics with Hypertext. Gregory Crane and Elli Mylonas 205
Adapting Published Material into Intermedia Documents. Paul Kahn 221
The Shakespeare Project. Larry Friedlander 257
The Emblematic Hyperbook. David Graham 273
HyperCard Stacks for Fielding's Joseph Andrews: Issues of Design and Content. Paul Delany and John K. Gilbert 287
Hypertext for the PC: the Ruben Dario Project. Joseph A. Feustle Jr. 299
Conceptualizing Hypermedia Curricula for Literary Studies in Schools. Alister Cumming and Gerri Sinclair 315
Bibliography 329

Notes on Contributors 339