Why you should share your book with readers of the Victorian Web? A web version of your book will

Who owns my book? You do, of course, and you retain copyright.

What if a publisher wants to put my book it back in print? You can do so. In 2014 Taylor & Francis/Routledge has put two of my books — Victorian Types (1980) and Images of Crisis (1982) —back in print even though they relinquished the copyright to me years ago and the books have been available on the Victorian Web for more than a decade.

What I Have to Do?

Can I add to the book or modify it in any way?. Yes, if you want to add a forward, additional illustrations, longer annotations, append later articles, that's fine and welcome but not necessary.

Do I have to do anything else? No, though if you have a copy of the book in digital form that saves us a lot of time. Otherwise, we have to scan it from either a copy you provide or one we obtain from a university library.

If sharing your book with the Victorian Web seems like a good idea, send e-mail to the webmaster and editor-in-chief:

Last modified 24 June 2014