A happy lover who has come
      To look on her that loves him well,
      Who 'lights and rings the gateway bell,
And learns her gone and far from home;

He saddens, all the magic light
      Dies off at once from bower and hall,
      And all the place is dark, and all
The chambers emptied of delight: <

So find I every pleasant spot
      In which we two were wont to meet,
      The field, the chamber, and the street,
For all is dark where thou art not.

Yet as that other, wandering there
      In those deserted walks, may find
      A flower beat with rain and wind,
Which once she foster'd up with care;

So seems it in my deep regret,
      O my forsaken heart, with thee
      And this poor flower of poesy
Which little cared for fades not yet.

But since it pleased a vanish'd eye,
      I go to plant it on his tomb,
      That if it can it there may bloom,
Or, dying, there at least may die.

Last modified 12 February 2010