Appendix I of the author's Swinburne's Medievalism: A Study in Victorian Love Poetry which Louisiana State University Press published in 1979. It appears in the Victorian web with the kind permission of the author, who of course retains copyright.

The dates of composition are taken from Lafourcade, Jeunesse, II; Bonchurch, XX (Wise's bibliography), 588-92; Gosse's Life (Bonchurch, XIX); or derived from the evidence of letters.

1857 "King Ban"
1857- 58 Queen Yseult
"The Leper" (earlier, "The White Hind")
1858 "Lancelot"
"The Death of Rudel"
The Albigenses (lost)
"A Lay of Lilies"
1858-59 "Second Love"
"The Dream by the River"
1858-62 Rosamond
"The Two Dreams"
"The Sea-Swallows"
"A Christmas Carol"
"After Death"
1859 The Queen's Tragedy
"Joyeuse Garde"
1859-61 Border Ballads
Ballads by a Borderer
1859-62 "Dead Love"
"The Portrait"
"The Marriage of the Monna Lisa"
Chronicle of Queen Fredeyond
1860 "St. Dorothy"
Balliol essays (see Appendix II)
"April: (from the French of the Vidame de Chartres, 12-?)"
"Madonna Mia"
"The Bloody Son"
"The King's Daughter"
"In the Orchard"
1861-63 Villonaries
1862 "Lord Soulis"
"Lord Scales"
"The Two Knights"
"The Complaint of Lisa"
"The Masque of Queen Bersabe"
"Laus Veneris"
"A Ballad of Burdens"
1869-82 Tristram of Lyonesse
"The Weary Wedding"
1885 Marino Faliero
1895-96 The Tale of Balen

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