[* = illustrated by Phiz. Unless otherwise noted, e-texts listed are available at Project Gutenberg. When a title has several volumes, only the first is listed. — George P. Landow]

Harry Lorrequer. Chapman and Hall, 1839 (e-text)*

Charles O'Malley: The Irish Dragoon. Chapman and Hall, 1841. (e-text)*

Our Mess, Vol. 1: Jack Hinton The Guardsman. Chapman and Hall, 1843. (e-text)*

Our Mess, Vol. 2-3: Tom Burke of Ours. Chapman and Hall, 1843. (e-text)*

Arthur O'Leary. Chapman and Hall 1844. (e-text)

The O'Donoghue. Chapman and Hall, 1845. (e-text)*

St. Patrick's Eve. Chapman and Hall, 1845. with plates dropped into text (e-text)*

The Knight of Gwynne. Chapman and Hall, 1847. *

The Confessions of Con Cregan. Chapman and Hall, 1849. (e-text)*

Roland Cashel. Chapman and Hall, 1850. (e-text)*

The Daltons. Chapman and Hall, 1852. (e-text)*

The Dodd Family Abroad Chapman and Hall, 1854. *

Maurice Tiernay, The Soldier of Fortune. London: Thomas Hodgson, 1855. [Copy at Princeton University] (e-text)

The Martins of Cro-Martin Chapman and Hall, 1856. *

Nuts and Nutcrackers Chapman and Hall, 1857. (e-text)*

Davenport Dunn Chapman and Hall, 1859. (e-text)*

A Day's Ride Chapman and Hall, 1860-61. (e-text)

One of Them Chapman and Hall, 1861. (e-text)*

Barrington Chapman and Hall, 1862-63. * [introductionplates]

Luttrel of Arran. Chapman and Hall, 1865. *

This was the last novel illustrated by Phiz owing to the fact that Lever switched publishers, moving from London's Chapman and Hall to Edinburgh's Blackwood's, who did not publish illustrated fiction. in this instance, Browne had not been dropped by the author, as had been the case with Dickens in 1860, but had lost his client through publication circumstances.

Tony Butler. Edinburgh & London: William Blackwood & Sons, 1865. 3 vols. [Copy at Princeton University] (e-text)*

Sir Brook Fossbrooke. Edinburgh & London: William Blackwood & Sons, 1866. 3 vols. [Copy at Princeton University]

The Bramleighs of Bishop's Folly Edinburgh & London: William Blackwood & Sons, 1868. (e-text)

[Anon.] Paul Gosslett's Confessions in Love, Law, and The Civil Service. Illustrated by Marcus Stone. London: Virtue & Co., 1868. [Copy at Princeton University]

That Boy of Norcott's. London: Smith, Elder, & Co., 1869. [Copy at Princeton University] (e-text)*

Lord Kilgobbin, 1872 (e-text).

Regarded by some critics as his finest novel because of its incisive handling of its political theme (advocacy of Home Rule for Ireland) and Fenian characters.

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