Appendix to The Dream of a Victorian Quattrocento: D.G. Rossetti's answer to the Dilemma of his Anglo-Italian Identity

Classification in works of Italian or English inspiration has been made according to the nationality of the author. When no source is indicated, it must be assumed that Rossetti drew upon either ancient mythology — in which case the Italian influence is the strongest, as the myths transited via Italy before being recuperated by other civilisations — or his own inspiration. The language in which the title was chosen has then been used as the reference for classification. Occasionally a single painting is known under two different titles, one English and one Italian. In that case, both inspirations have been mentioned. Similarly, when the nationality of the author and the language of the title do not match, both inspirations have been mentioned.

Title Date Inspiration Source
The First Anniversary of the Death... 1849 Italian Dante
Benedick and Beatrice 1850 English Shakespeare (Much ado about nothing)
The Return of Tibullus to Delia 1851 Italian Tibullus
Beatrice Meeting Dante at a Marriage ... 1851 Italian Dante
"Hist!", said Kate the Queen 1851 English Browning (Pippa Passes)
Giotto Painting the Portrait of Dante 1852 Italian Dante
Dante at Verona 1852 Italian Dante
Hesterna Rosa 1853 English English Sir Henry Taylor ( Philip van Artevelde)
Found 1854- English modern life subject
Ballad of Fair Annie 1855 English old English ballad
Dante's Vision of Matilda Gathering Flowers1855 Italian Dante
Dante's Vision of Rachel and Leah 1855 Italian Dante
Paolo and Francesca da Rimini 1855 English Dante
Dante's Dream at the time of the Death ... 1856 Italian Dante
The Lady of Shalott 1856-7 English Tennyson
Mariana in the South 1856-7 English Tennyson
The Damsel of the Sanct Grael 1857 English Malory
Sir Lancelot's Vision of the Sanct Grael 1857 English Malory (Oxford Murals)
Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, and Sir Percival ... 1857 English Malory (Oxford Murals) - not carried out
Sir Lancelot in the Queen's chamber 1857 English Malory
The wedding of St George and the Princess... 1857 English Malory
The gate of Memory 1857 English W. Bell Scott
The Skeleton in Armour 1857-8 English Longfellow
Hamlet and Ophelia 1858 English Shakespeare
My Lady Greensleeves 1859 English old English ballad
Sir Galahad at the Ruined Chapel 1859 EnglishTennyson
The Salutation of Beatrice 1859 English Dante
Bocca Baciata 1859 Italian Boccacio
Dantis Amor 1860 Italian Dante
Bonifazio's Mistress 1860 Iyalian
Fair Rosamund 1861 English English history
Fazio's Mistress 1863 English
How Sir Galhad, Sir Bors, and Sir ... 1864 English Malory
Beata Beatrix 1864 Italian Dante
The First Madness of Ophelia 1864 English Shakespeare
Monna Pomona 1864 Italian
Venus Verticordia 1864-8 English
King René's Honeymoon 1864 English Sir Walter Scott
Monna Vanna 1866 English Dante
Fiammetta 1866 Italian Boccaccio
Sibylla Palmifera 1866-70 English
Monna Rosa 1867 Italian Poliziano
Sir Tristam and la Belle Iseult Drinking... 1867 English Malory
La Pia de' Tolomei 1868-80 English Dante
Mariana 1870 English Shakespeare (Measure for Measure)
La Donna della Fiamma 1870 Italian Dante
Perlascura 1871 English
Water Willow 1871 English
Veronica Veronese 1872 Italian
Proserpine 1872-82both English
Ghirlandata 1873 Italian
Marigolds1874 English
La Bella Mano 1875 Italian
The Death of Lady Macbeth 1875 English Shakespeare
The Blessed Damozel 1875-8 both Dante
Orpheus and Eurydice 1875 English Virgil
A Sea-Spell 1877 English Coleridge
Forced Music 1877 English Watts-Dunton
Astarte Syriaca 1877 Italian
Desdemona's Death Song 1878-81 English Shakespeare (Othello)
La Donna della Finestra 1879 Italian Dante
The Day Dream/Monna Primavera 1880 both

Last modified 27 February 2017