1819 born January 1 to James and Ann (Perfect) Clough in Liverpool.

1822 Family moves to Charleston, S.C. Family returns briefly to England to enter Arthur in English schools.

1829 AHC enters Rugby School. Becomes friendly with the Headmaster, Thomas Arnold, and his family, including his son Matthew.

1837 Leaves Rugby, after a distinguished career, for Balliol College, Oxford.

1841 Father goes bankrupt (again); AHC passes his honors exams with only second-class honors.

1842 Wins a Fellowship at Oriel College, Oxford.

1848-9 Religious crisis: resigns his Fellowship and travels to France and Italy, both in the throes of revolution. "The Bothie of Toper-na-Vuolich, A Long-Vacation Pastoral." "Ambarvalia" (with Tom Burbidge). Short poems. Becomes Principal of University Hall, a Unitarian school in London.

1852 Resigns from University Hall. Becomes engaged to Blanche Smith.

Travels to Boston, trying to land a job as a professor at Harvard.

1853 Goes to work at the Education Office, London. Marries Blanche Smith.

1859 Revises Dryden's 5-volume translation of Plutarch's Lives.

1861 Dies November 13 in Florence.

1869 The Poems and Prose Remains of A.H. Clough published by his widow.

1866 Matthew Arnold's pastoral elegy "Thyrsis." Emphasizes his earnestness and promise.

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