Photographs by © Ray Brown (all rights reserved). These and the description are taken, with kind permission, from his entry on the church's stained glass in Stained Glass Australia: Historical Stained Glass Windows, and have been reformatted for our website by Jacqueline Banerjee. [Click on the images to enlarge them].

Left: Whole window. Right: St Matthew.

Chancel Window {North), at St John the Baptist, Buckland, Tasmania, by Michael O'Connor, the same London firm that also designed and sent out the East window (an article about the church consecration published in the Hobart Courier of 23 January 1850, explains that "a large eastern window of three lights, and a smaller one of two lights in the northern side.... are filled with stained glass, the work of Mr. O’Connor, a London artist…" (2)).

Left: St Mark. Right: St Luke.

The two-light window in the chancel depicts Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as their alter egos: the winged man (Matthew), the winged Lion (Mark), the winged bull (Luke) and the Eagle (John). St John is shown below:

Created 16 October 2023