Memorial Window for Richard Harington

Wailes of Newcastle


Brasenose College Chapel

University of Oxford

This memorial window for Harington, Principal of the college (1842-53) who is buried in the antechapel, includes panels depicting the Last Supper (upper left), Christ and the loaves and fish (center), the Crucifixion (upper right), an angel halting the sacrifice if Isaac (lower right), and a priest with a nimbus around his head holding up bread and wine in the presence of what seem to be Roman soldiers. The circular light at the top of the window shows a king and two women looking at a seated man (a beggar?) whom two dogs are nuzzling (image).

Crook states that “A south window in his memory, by Wailes of Newcastle, was installed in 1860. . . A new East window in his memory, made by Hardman to street's design, had been installed in his memory in 1853; it was replaced (image) by Kempe in 1894-96” (204-5n)

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Photograph by George P. Landow

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