I am the bearer of evil tidings

I am the bearer of evil tidings

Phiz (Hablot K. Browne)

October 1850

Etching on steel

Dickens's David Copperfield, chapter 56, "The New Wound, and The Old."

Source: Centenary Edition, volume two, facing page 436.

In the first illustration in the eighteenth monthly number, which was issued in October 1850 and comprises chapters 54 through 56, Phiz again brings together David, Rosa Dartle, and Mrs. Steerforth, last seen in the March 1850 illustration "Mr. Peggotty and Mrs. Steerforth" . However, here the rake's mother and her companion meet David in James Steerforth's bedroom rather than the drawing-room downstairs; again objects in the room imply the absent son's presence.

Image scan, caption, and commentary below by Philip V. Allingham.