‘Moses Destroying Pharaoh’. Mezzotint by John Martin. 10 x 15 inches. The scene shows the moment when the Red Sea is closing around Pharaoh and his army. Martin highlights the drama by placing Moses in the near centre, with a tumultuous sky and sea occupying the main part of the design. Melodramatic, full of movement, visceral and altogether far too theatrical for modern tastes, it epitomizes the artist’s focus on high drama. It is easy to see how it influenced Cecil B. de Mille in his film of 1923, The Ten Commandants; even more like Martin, this time in lurid Technicolor to match the artist’s palette, is the same director’s sound version (1956).

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Illustrations of the Bible. With mezzotints by John Martin. London: Tilt, 1839

Created 10 October 2021