A commission to illustrate Charles Lever's Lord Kilgobbin which opened in Cornhill in October [1870] and ran for a year and a half, was a compensation for the loss of the last twelve illustrations for Edwin Drood. (L. V. Fildes, Luke Fildes, R. A. — A Victorian Painter [1968] 17)

Since Fildes was to provide two plates for each of the twelve monthly parts of The Mystery of Edwin Drood, it was fortunate for him that Lever's new novel was to be published in eighteen successive monthly numbers of the illustrated Cornhill Magazine, then edited by Sir Leslie Stephen. The dedication, dated at "Trieste, January 20, 1872," points to the point at which Lever prepared the manuscript for volume publication. Reprinted from the Cornhill were these eighteen illustrations:

  1. She suffered her hand to remain
  2. 'What lark have you been on, Master Joe?'
  3. 'One more sitting I must have, sir, for the hair'.
  4. 'How that song makes me wish we were back again, where I heard it first'
  5. He entered, and Nina arose as he came forward
  6. 'You are right, I see it all,' and now he seized her hand and kissed it
  7. Kate, still dressed, had thrown herself on her bed, and was sound asleep
  8. 'Is not that as fine as your boasted Campagna?'
  9. 'You wear a ring of great beauty--may I look at it?'
  10. 'True, there is no tender light there,' muttered he, gazing at her eyes.
  11. He knelt down on one knee before her.
  12. Nina came forward at that moment.
  13. Nina Kostalergi was busily engaged in pinning up the skirt of her dress.
  14. The balcony creaked and trembled, and at last gave way.
  15. 'Just look at the crowd that is watching us already'.
  16. 'I should like to have back my letters'.
  17. Walpole looked keenly at the other's face as he read the paper.
  18. 'I declare you have left a tear upon my cheek,' said Kate.


Lever, Charles. Lord Kilgobbin. With 18 Illustrations by Luke Fildes, R. A. London. Macmillan and Company. 1906.

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