The 1818 illustrated children's edition as an adventure yarn

The 1820 illustrated children's edition

The 1815 illustrated children's edition

Nineteenth-Century Children's Editions

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. With four copper-plate engravings. London: 1816.

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, or York, Mariner, who Lived Eight-and-Twenty Years in an Uninhabited Island. London: J. Bysh, Smithfield, c. 1830.

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Edinburgh: Thomas Nelson, c. 1835.

Robinson Crusoe. Comic Nursery Tales series. With thirty illustrations. London: Wm. S. Orr, Paternoster Row, 1844.

The History of Robinson Crusoe. London: Dean & Son, Ludgate Hill, c. 1854.

Rae, Julia S. E., and Daniel Defoe. The Life and Adverntures of Robinson Crusoe. Old Stories Told Anew Series. With 6 chromolithographic plates (printed in Bavaria.) London: Trischler & Company, 1891.

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