In ten minutes they  [Bob and Matilda] were trotting up the Southern Road

Bob did not hurry the horse, there being so many things to say and hear

John Collier

Plate 13, Thomas Hardy's The Trumpet-Major

Good Words, May 1880

Upper right quadrant of p. 329 framed on three sides: 8.4 cm wide x 13.6 cm high (including caption); illustrates a textual moment at the very bottom of the same page. [last page of Ch. 16]

Collier has hastily sketched in trees and hedges in plate 13 to focus attention on the tête-à-tête of Bob and Matilda, taking pains with details of dress, the railing and spatterboard of the wagon rather than with the outdoor setting as he does in the following plate.

Image courtesy of the Dorset County Library; information supplied by PVA