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Dining Room, 78 South Park Avenue

Dining Room, 78 South Park Avenue, Glasgow. Designer: Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1869-1928. 1906. This is the dining room of Mackintosh's home as reconstructed at the Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow University. According to Alistair Moffat and Colin Baxter, like the dining rooms at Windyhill and Hill House, this one is "a dark-coloured room which directed attention to the dinner table. This would have been laid with silver cultery, sparkling glass, and lit by candles. . . . Mackintosh covered the walls with coarse grey-brown wrapping paper and stencilled them with a rose and lattice motif enlivened by silver-painted dots" (p. 57). Mackintosh originally designed the famous chairs for Miss Cranston's Argyle Street Tea Rooms.


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