Upright Piano

Upright Piano designed by Mackay Hugh Baillie-Scott, 1865-1945. 1897. Oak and ivory with marquetry decoration inlaid with ivory and mother-of-pearl. Height 51 inches; width 56 1/2 inches; 17 1/2 depth inches. Manufactured by John Broadwood and Sons (serial no. 89409). Provenance: Ernest Harris, who reputedly purchased the paino at a Glasgow exhibition, c. 1905-6, and by descent to his daughter Mrs. Harries.

In 1896 while preparing designs for this piano, Baillie-Scott wrote and illustrated an article, "An Artist's House," for The Studio. The illustration for the artist's studio shows a "Manxman" piano with similar decoration, in which the motif of birds flanking a flowering tree is clearly discernible in the decorative lozenge on the cabinet door, while the lower part of the case was made of alternating planks of light and dark wood.


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