Portrait of E. W. Pugin, with thanks to the Pugin Society.

Despite the growth in Pugin studies during the past 40 years, no catalogue of the architectural works of A. W. N. Pugin’s eldest son, Edward Welby Pugin, has ever been published, an omission that this book (in the nature of a Catalogue Raisonné) attempts to rectify, in the hope that his architectural legacy will be secured for future generations, establishing him as one of the most eminent High Victorian Catholic architects.

A total of 287 executed works (either alone or in partnership), spread over six countries, have been identified whose E. W. Pugin provenance is established beyond doubt. The book, which is copious illustrated, organises this work into 8 categories, each of which is prefaced by an illustrated, critical commentary that highlights specific points of architectural interest/historical significance, identifies intra and inter-genre stylistic similarities and establishes connections to the wider E. W. Pugin Canon; also included are details of 94 commissions that are definitely known never to have been realised. In addition, there are seven Appendices containing background information and a useful summary of the entire catalogue in the form of a gazetteer, arranged according to country and county.

The vast majority of the realised work is ecclesiastical (or related), mainly for the Catholic Church, the remainder being for the Church of England, from where he received far fewer commissions than did his father.

The ecclesiastical work comprises places of worship, convents & monasteries, presbyteries & houses for religious communities, colleges & schools (the majority of the latter being associated with parish churches designed by E. W. Pugin), institutional buildings (such as orphanages), and many minor works, including a number of funerary monuments. The secular works divide into residential and commercial, and include both additions to/remodelling of numerous existing houses by other architects.

Detailed architectural information pertaining to each entry, together with supporting sources, can be found on the E. W. Pugin section of the Pugin Society website in the form of a downloadable pdf that contains, in addition, a number of Appendices that provide additional information on a variety of topics relating to E. W. Pugin and his works.

The book will be published by The Pugin Society this Spring (2021). The cost within the UK will be £35 (including post & packing), and £45 elsewhere.

Created 23 February 2021