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1. Church of Assumption, Bree. 1837-1839 A five bay church, with attractive hexagonal shaped chancel. Baptistery adjoining entrance.

2. St. Peter's college chapel, Summerhill, Wexford. 1838-1840 Chapel attached to St. Peter's College. Still has original triptych reredos in Pugin diaper work. Rose window by John Hardman.

3. The Church of St. Michael the Archangel, Gorey, 1839-1842 Pugin's first cruciform plan, influenced by his visit to Dunbrody Abbey. Unique in that it features Romanesque/Norman architecture. Built in limestone with Wicklow granite.

4. St. Mary's Church, Tagoat, 1843-1846. Cruciform church, replete with Pugin features. Original altar and pieta, sedelia and piscine.

5. St. Aidan's Cathedral, Enniscorthy, 1843-1860 A vintage Pugin church with seven bay nave and aisles. Granite columns, stencilled interior, Caen stone reredos and altar fronts. Mortuary chapel.

6. Church of St. Alphonsus, Barntown, 1844-1851 Based on the design of the mediaeval Church of St. Michael at Long Stanton, Cambridgeshire. St. Alphonsus, which has a five bay nave and a two bay chancel, is considered to exemplify Pugin's ideal style, size, and layout of a Parish Church.

7. Private chapel for Sir James and Lady Power at Edermine House, Edermine. Very similar to College Chapel at St.Peter's. Designed by A.W.N, built after his death.

8. Private chapel for the Cliffe family at Bellevue House (demolished). This stand-alone chapel was renamed Church of St. John the Baptist, Bellevue. Same design and plan as for Edermine.

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