The first "Mangnall" was William, born in about 1822, who went into partnership with Henry Travis in about 1846, and died of consumption in 1868. His son, also called William Mangnall.(1850-1917), was by then just old enough to take over from him. Travis also retired about this time, and was replaced by John Littlewood (1829-1901), who was later joined by his brother William Henry Littlewood (1838-1921). These Littlewood brothers had previously been articled to Travis and Mangnall .When John Littlewood died, another brother, Frank Littlewood (b.1873), who had been articled to Mangnall & Littlewood, joined the practice. Thus the firms of Travis and Mangnall, Mangnall and Littlewood, and Mangnall and Littlewoods, are all connected. They were responsible for a number of major projects in Manchester and elsewhere, including the Ormond Building (now a part of Manchester Metropolitan University) in 1881, and Blackpool Winter Gardens Opera House (1911, but since rebuilt). — Jacqueline Banerjee.

Britannia Hotel (formerly Watts Warehouse), Manchester



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