> Peking (Hamburg, Germany, 1911), an iron-hulled four-masted bark
Waverley (Hamburg, Germany, 1911)

The Peking. Hamburg, Germany, 1911. Extreme length: 377 feet. South Street Seaport Museum, New York, New York. Photograph and text 2006 by George P. Landow. Accordng to dockside information panel provided by the South Street Seaport Museum, this iron-hulled four-masted bark was one of the last generation of ocean-going cargo ships, which, despite having been constructed in the twentiteh century, had none of the long-available safety and labor-saving devices. She retired at last in the 1930s. I could not get a photograph of the entire vessel from the sunward side because the Wavertree blocked the view. But I did take one of the the decoration beneath the bowsprit.

Last modified 21 December 2006