Legros' portrait of Stevens

Alfred Stevens, posthumous portrait of by Alphonse Legros in silverpoint (Tate Gallery).

Born at Blandford, Dorset, son of a humble decorator. Sent to Italy in 1883 by Hon. and Rev. Samuel Best and studied mainly in Florence and Rome; developed deep interest in Italian Art. In Rome, 1840-42, assistant to Thorwaldsen. Returned to England, 1842. Taught at New School of Design at Somerset House from 1845. Worked for Cockerell on St. George's Hall, Liverpool, 1849-54. Made designs for Hoole of Sheffield from 1850-57. Returned London 1852, designed lions for British Museum railings. In 1856 began work on Wellington Memorial, St. Paul's Cathedral, which at his death was still incomplete. From 1860 worked on decoration of Dorchester House, Park Lane for Sir George Holford. — British Sculpture 1850-1914

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