Bronze Casket

Florence Harriet Steele (1857-1948) and Women Sculptors. Private collection. [Click on the image above to enlarge it.]

Thanks to Anthony Bernbaum, a dealer, collector and researcher in the area of arts and crafts metalwork, who obtained permission from the owner of this photograph to share it with readers of the Victorian Web. If you can identify any of Steele’s fellow students, please contact the webmaster. — George P. Landow

23 November 2018: Jackie Banerjee reports that Christa Zaat, who has a splendid set of pages on Facebook about women in art, suggests, first, that the photo might have been taken at the National Training School in London where she studied under Edouard Lanteri, and, secondly, that the other women in the picture might include Lilian M. Simpson, Esther Moore, Ruby Levick, Margaret Giles, and Lady Ethel Alice Chivers Harris.

Last modified 21 November 2018