Childhood (A Maid so Young) by William Goscombe John, 1860-1952. 1896. Bronze. 58.4 cm. Collection: Amgueddfa Cymru Caerdydd [National Museum of Wales, Cardiff] Accession number: NMW A 2122. Gift of the sculptor. Photographs by the museum, which retains copyright. Formatting by George P. Landow. Readers of the Victorian Web may wish to visit the Museum website. [Click on the images to enlarge them.]

"This four-year old child is Goscombe John's daughter Muriel. The sculpture recalls Italian Renaissance portraits of children, which ofte finish at the chest, A studio photograph of 1896 shows her in the same dress and cap, so these historicising garments actually existed. The sculpture was originally modelled as a full-length plaster figure" (Museum label).

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