Sir John Woodburn (1843-1902), by Sir William Goscombe John

Panel on the Queen Victoria memorial by Sir William Goscombe John. Goscombe John originally made four bas relief panels for the base of the equestrian statue of Lord Minto, which is now at Barrackpore — two short panels (one in front of the horse's head, and one behind the tail) and two long panels (one each paralleling the horse's flanks on the longer side of the statue's base). As the inscription beneath this panel explains, all four bas reliefs from Minto's statue were "presented to the Trustees of the Victoria Memorial Hall by the Dowager Countess of Minto," and the two short panels are now in fact attached to the entrance of Victoria Memorial Hall. The two others, however, now appear on the long sides of the Frampton's Jubilee Victoria Monument.

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