The Editor’s statement of purpose

THE object of “THE READER” is to supply the long-felt want of of First-class Literary Newspaper, equal in literary merit and general ability to the political press of London.

Without any wish to depreciate the merits of other journals which have attempted a somewhat similar object, the proprietors of “THE READER” considered that this object had not yet been attained; and the success of “THE READER” proves that in this opinion they were not singular. “THE READER” commands the services of distinguished writers in every branch of Literature and Science, so that each subject is, as far as possible, treated by critics whose names cannot fail to carry weight on the special topic of which they write. The desire of the Proprietors is to have every work of note reviewed simply on its own merits. Totally unconnected with any publishing firm, “THE READER” will show equal favour to all works of sterling worth, without caring through what channel they come before the public, and thus be a trustworthy guide for the book-seeking public.

In the arrangements of "THE READER," tho following system has been adopted. Each number contains a full and detailed list of all books and pamphlets published during the week, specifying their prices, size, number of pages, maps, etc., and, wherever it is desirable, each publication is accompanied by a short descriptive notice. All works deserving further consideration are reviewed at length within a week or two of publication. The especial attention devoted by “THE READER” to Foreign Literature enables its roaders to keep themselves acquainted with every work of interest published on the Continent or in America. Copious and accurate Reports are furnished of all Scientific Discoveries, presontcd in such a form as to render them interesting and intelligible to the general public.

Topics of Musical. Artistic, or Dramatic intorest are discussed in "THE READER " in separate and original articles, which, it is hoped, are found to bo not only valnablo, but interesting, as pieces of criticism, even by those persons unacquainted with the special subject.

Correspondence on all Literary and Scientific topics, from writers of note, finds a place in "THE READER." “THE READER” is likewise issued in Monthly Pasts, four of which are published—that for January at 1s. 9d., and those for February, March, and April, each at 1s. 5d.


The Reader: A Journal of Literature, Science, and Art. London: “Published at 112, Fleet Street.” Hathi Digital Library Trust web version of a copy in the Princeton University Library. 18 July 2016.

Last modified 26 July 2016