The Dioscuri in Egypt

The Dioscuri in Egypt. John Tenniel, artist, and Swain, engraver. Punch (6 September 1884). Mr. Punch recommends a policy combining diplomacy and force to achieve Great Britain’s goals in Egypt: create a just, efficiently run government, improve the lot of the average Egyptian, have the country pay its debts, and, above all, ensure the safety of the Suez Canal. The British government fairly quickly recognized that first two goals proved impossible to achieve, and the problem of debt seemed almost as difficult, but it achieved the most important goal — but only by betraying its beliefs in the self-determination of other countries and peoples. Click on image to enlarge it

The ancient Great Twin Brethren,
Castor and Pollux Hight,
Were held to bring the ship to shore,
And help the Chief in Fight.
Our Modern Disocuri
Are, in their way,
“Helpers of Mortals” named of old —
May they bring help to-day!

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