The Commissariat

The Commissariat by Charles Keene. Punch (9 December 1874). Source: Mr. Punch's Almanack for 1875. Image from Internet Archive. Text and formatting by George P. Landow [This image may be used without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose without prior permission as long as you credit this site and the Internet Archive.]

Squire (to new Butler). “I have three or four clergymen coming to Dine with me to-morrow, Prodgers, and —.’

Mr. Prodgers. “‘igh or Low, Sir?”

Squire. “Well, — I hardly — But why to you ask, Prodgers?”

Mr. Prodgers. “Well, you see, Sir, the '‘igh’ drink most Wine while the 'Low' eats most Vittles, and I must provide accordin’.”

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