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C.F. Aitchison, Captain, Assistant Adjudant General to C. R. Kennedy, Late Lieutenant 2nd. Light Cavalry, Poona.

No. 3573.
Adjudant General's Office,
Head Quarters, Poona, 17th November, 1860.


In reply to your letter dated Neemuch 15th ultimo, I am desired to inform you that your case has been received every consideration, and your removal from the Army was directed by the Secretary of State for India. The Commander-in-Chief, therefore, is unable to comply with your request for further enquiry.

2. I am directed that with the sanction of Government you are permitted to draw the subsistence of your late rank, monthly in arrears, until you embark for England (not to exceed six months from date of removal from the Army), and that you will be provided with a contract passage in lieu of the fixed allowance of Rs. 868, Articles 508-9, page 139, 2nd Appendix Jameson's Code--

I have the honor to be, &c,
Captain, Assistant Adjudant General

(True Copy)

Assistant Adjudant General.

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