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Lake Raya

Views of Schwedagon Pagoda across the lake seen through the hazy air.

Yangon — Chinatown and the City Center

Left: A Hindu temple in this Buddhist country. Right: Shopkeeper with pomellos, a large grapefruit-like citrus fruit with a very thick rind. Everywhere we went, we were looked at closely--not in a hostile way but more as curiosities, there still being very few Western visitors in Myanmar and particularly in Yangon, the seat of government.

Two market women at their stalls in the street.

Trishaw men in Chinatown, resting and napping.

The Town Center

The Victorian Supreme Court in Rogue Gothic streaky-bacon style.

Left: From the large open square, one sees the Sule Pagoda. Turning clockwise one comes first to City Hall, then a Victorian building (not photographed), and finally to the Victorian Supreme Court (Right).

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